Sky Bike/ Sky Ride

I found a bike in the sky whilst on a walk through some woods. It was chained to a metal sculpture but I got rid of the chains and existing tree branches for a surrealist angle to my discovery.


March Snow

I was out photographing for a new alternate dreamscape project I am working on when it began to snow and I thought what the fuck? It’s March? 

It was unusually cold for a March day but I didnt expect snow since it was mainly still shining gorgeous sun.


Wild Ireland

I went visiting my boyfriends family in South-West Ireland and Dublin over a long weekend earlier this March. Ireland’s picturesque backdrops fascinate me along with the small town rural angle of life and religion.

You can’t go half a mile without tripping over historical ruins and the untamed fauna makes for a twisted edgy landscapes.

I didn’t take many photos this time on my journey.



Ethereal inspired /Boudoir Boutique 2013

*Wardrobe and hair stylist: Jennifer Manning (
*Model: Sofie Jude
*Photography and Make-up: Lu Lowe
*Dress supplied by Boudoir Boutique, Liverpool.

I have loved artist John Waterhouse since I first started studying in Fine Art in High School. Many of his paintings of women inspire me, always ethereal and fairytale-esque, and the medieval feel to the dress and backdrops for the stories. Ophelia, 1889 and The Lady of Shallot, 1888, have always been poignant pieces to me and helped to inspire this shoot. 

These two works mixed with modern ethereal fashion and beauty concepts helped to inspire this shoot.


Mood Board for shoot.

I originally had visions of twilight atmosphere and beautiful lady floating on a lake, dreaming in a little rowing boat filled with flowers wearing a mermaid-like floor length gown. 

Boudoir Boutique ( were kind enough to supply us with three beautiful gowns, which given time constraints only one was viable to be used but what a beautiful dress it was and perfect for the shoot. Floor length fishtail pewter sequined gown with pearl and heamatite-like beading decorating an oval cut out to reveal the back. Stunning. 

The make-up and hair artist for the day had cancelled last minute so me and stylist Jen stepped in. I completed the soft dewy make-up and Jen created the medieval style braid. 

We were shooting at studios, liverpool, who also supplied the derelict rowing boat for the feature. It was freezing as it was early january and no heating. Inside the space was a pod like structure which diffused the natural light from the row of windows that completed one side of the room. Image 

photo by Jen @Jm_an on  Instagram.

I was shooting on continuous hot heads provided by the studio for cinematic atmospheric effect, rather than glossy strobes.

The result I hope you will agree is beautiful, and I feel really captured the twilight dreaming I originally had in mind. Enjoy.


The “She Dreams…” set. Copyright Louise Lowe Imaging.


Jen setting up shot and a very patient Sofie. Copyright Louise Lowe Imaging.

Sofie chilling in the boat. Copyright Louise Lowe Imaging.

The back of the dress, lighting and how cold it was… Copyright Louise Lowe Imaging.

Experimenting with TTV style




I found a neat little blog online just earlier today ( while searching for tips on purchasing new gear, and found these. They have easy to follow tips on how to take the best shots in what conditions in what I imagine relates to themed blogs- style, food, what-not. Great advice in many places, but within the tips was a piece on “How to fake TTV photos”. As I am easily distracted and master of procrastination I dug out my Yashica Mat 124 and followed the sun around the house.

I feel the Yashica’s veiwing system may not be ideal because of the grid and focal point but the desired effect was there and the results have lead to many interesting ideas for shoots formulating. I may look into other models of cameras similar to the Yashica Mat that have a different viewing system, but over all, I class being inspired and having some fun with my camera a win/win situation.

Milk Presents Launch Party V.2 @ District

I had the pleasure of attending this event. I had known the Milk crowd previously before they moved to the New Picket, Jamaica Street and renamed it District. They were a group of physical graphic designers with big ideas for the city of Liverpool and have been taking it by storm ever since. Their new environment keyed with the future projects they have in mind seems set for promising things and I was happy to show my support and head down despite that my boyfriends band Sheepy where opening the night.

The venue was very well laid out, different from how it used to look as the New Picket and more appealing. Walking into the main area of the venue through a tunnel of fairy lights and pictures mounted on walls of the old Milk Presents parties at their previous residence and other events the guys had masterminded.  The signature red for Milk was luminating the room and as expected interesting projections on the walls. For the event, they were supplying early arrivers with free cocktails similar to white russians  in, true to Milk’s standards, handmade signature milk cartons.

I wasn’t able to stay for the full event, but from doors opening there was a good crowd. The stage effects and sound where brilliant and the bands I did get to se where amazing, including Broken Men, which had one of Milk’s own on drums. From what I could tell the crowd where more than being made comfortable by their brilliant hosts. I managed to snap a few photos here and there but I was there to enjoy myself.  

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